Ben&Ben teases new collaboration with Moira dela Torre

Ben&Ben teases new collaboration with Moira dela Torre

NEW COLLABORATION. Ben&Ben and Moira dela Torre are teaming up for a new song.

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'Get ready for the feels'

Ben&Ben is reuniting with Moira dela Torre for another collaboration. 

“Get ready for the feels,” the indie-folk pop band announced on Tuesday, July 27. The collaboration, which will be released on Friday, July 30, will be the band’s third single from their sophomore album. 

In May 2021, Ben&Ben earlier released two singles off their upcoming album, “Upuan” and “Magpahinga.” The album name and release date have yet to be announced. 

This is the second time Ben&Ben collaborated with Moira. In March 2020, they teamed up for “Paalam.” The track was featured in Moira’s album Patawad

The first half of the year saw Ben&Ben collaborate with several artists. In May 2021, the band released a reimagined version of their 2017 hit “Leaves” with DAY6’s Young K. They also worked with SB19 for the band version of “MAPA,” which was released in June 2021. 

Ben&Ben and Moira are two of the biggest acts in the Filipino music industry. Ben&Ben’s discography includes “Kathang Isip,” “Leaves” and “Maybe the Night” while Moira is known for her hits “Paubaya,” “Tagpuan” and “Ikaw at Ako.” –