WATCH: Ben&Ben and Young K's 'Leaves' remake is a grander take on an old favorite

Ben&Ben has released the remake of their hit song "Leaves" featuring Korean artist Young K, known as the bassist, vocalist, and rapper of the group Day6.

The new version takes the stripped-down arrangements of the original version and elevates it with a more intricate arrangement. The addition of vocal harmonies and more layered instrumentals give the song a sweeping feel that recalls the immensity of a live stage performance.

"The new version of 'Leaves' is based heavily on how the full band adapted the song for live performance through the years," said lead singer and guitarist Miguel Benjamin.

"As compared to the original piano and guitar only arrangement, the new one features the rest of the band's full instrumentation and additional choir-esque harmony arrangement by Toni (Muñoz, percussions), Andrew (de Pano, percussions), and Poch (Barretto, lead guitar) on the intro and first verse," he said.

Young K adds his vocals to the second verse and chorus of the song. As lead singer and guitarist Paolo Benjamin shared, collaborating with him was a smooth process.

"No revisions were needed, as everything worked as a result of natural chemistry, and Young K's affinity to the band sound as well," Paolo said.
The collaboration between the artists started when several K-Pop artists listened and reacted to "Leaves" on their V Live as requested by the respective fanbases.

The videos propelled Ben&Ben's "Leaves" to trend at No. 1 and occupy the No. 2, 3, 6, and 7 positions on the real-time search chart of South Korean music streaming platform Melon.

"The band's and Day 6's management were able to reach out to each other, and the artists' mutual respect for each other's music eventually led to Young K agreeing to a collaboration," Andrew shared.

Young K said that he immediately accepted the offer to work with Ben&Ben because he believes in the band's music and vision.

"Out of few songs that I listened to, 'Leaves' caught my ears the most. The message given through the lyrics and the entire vibe was very heartwarming. And the vocals were amazing," he said.

He expressed the hope to work with the band again one day. "It would've been better if we could meet in person, but still the fact that I could have my voice with them is enough for me. Maybe in the future we could work on a new song together."

With the new version, listeners are reminded of the song's theme.

"'Leaves' has always been known for its final lines in the chorus, 'All will be alright in time' and 'You never really love someone until you learn to forgive.' In these times, it is a song that continues to remind us of the temporary nature of hardships and challenges, and the true nature of love as well as something that is freeing," said keyboardist Patricia Lasaten.

"Leaves" was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Miles Walker, who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Coldplay, Katy Perry, and several more international superstars.

Walker praised Ben&Ben for their professionalism, and for being collaborative in terms of executing ideas. "They have great arrangements and harmonies within their performances, and the addition of Young K as a new vocal texture in the performance really made this one feel extra special."

Listen to the new version of "Leaves" here: