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WATCH: New P-pop group BGYO debuts with ‘The Light’

WATCH: New P-pop group BGYO debuts with ‘The Light’

BGYO. The P-pop group makes their debut with 'The Light.'

Screenshot from BGYO's YouTube account

The group is officially launched on January 29
WATCH: New P-pop group BGYO debuts with ‘The Light’

Filipino idol group BGYO was officially launched on Friday, January 29, as they released their debut single, “The Light.”

The song was accompanied by a music video that premiered at 8 pm on the same day during a live event attended by the group’s members, who were also seeing the full music video at the same time. 

In the video, the group performs the song in various settings. Their upbeat dance sequences were interspersed with dramatic scenes of the members seemingly sinking into sadness before following a spark that leads them to the light. 

“The Light” – written in both English and Tagalog – shares an uplifting message, with lyrics that speak of changing the world and “following the bright, bright light.”

BGYO is composed of Gelo, Akira, JL, Nate, and Mikki, who have been training for over a year and throughout the coronavirus lockdown at ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy. The group trained under various vocal and dance coaches, both from the Philippines and Korea. –