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WATCH: BINI officially debuts in ‘Born to Win’ music video

WATCH: BINI officially debuts in ‘Born to Win’ music video

BORN TO WIN. BINI releases their debut music video.

Screenshot from BINI's YouTube

The video premieres at the group’s official launch on June 11

BINI premiered the music-video for their debut single “Born to Win” at its official launch event on Friday, June 11.

The video, now available on Youtube, features the members showcasing their singing chops and dance skills against various futuristic settings, wearing designs by Francis Libiran.

The 8-member group was ecstatic at seeing the video for the first time alongside their fans, called Blooms. 

Made up of Aiah, Colet, Gwen, Jhoanna, Maloi, Milkha, Sheena, and Stacey, BINI was first formed in 2018 and trained under the Star Hunt Academy.

They released their pre-debut single “Da Coconut Nut” in November 2020, and are set to release a full album and perform in concert with their brother group BGYO in 2021. –