LISTEN: Summer never ends in Dustybuns' new single 'Seasons'

Electro-pop duo Dustybuns released a new single "Seasons" on Friday, October 16.

The summery tune calls to mind an '80s pop anthem with playful keyboard melodies that provide an interesting backdrop to a surprising guitar solo towards the end of the track.

The song's lyrics offer a reassuring comfort, inspiring listeners to stay strong when life gets tough.

"The song is about being there for the people you care about no matter what, and reassuring that you're never alone and there's always someone out there ready to lend a hand when you need them," said Dustybuns' Charles Baltazar.

The duo, made of Charles and Jok Oloquina, is currently working on songs for their debut EP, which they plan to release soon.

Listen to "Seasons" here: