LISTEN: Ian Pangilinan performs 'Kilometer Zero' ahead of the 'Gaya sa Pelikula' finale

The final episode of BL show Gaya sa Pelikula is set to premiere on Friday, November 20, but the show's fans are already full of feelings, with the release of the song "Kilometer Zero" from the show's official soundtrack.

A lyric video for the song was released on November 19. It was performed by star Ian Pangilinan, written and composed by series creator Juan Miguel Severo, and arranged by Ben&Ben keyboardist Patricia Lasaten.

The song is part of the show's soundtrack, which has become a hit among fans, with tracks from artists like Up Dharma Down, Frankie Pangilinan, the vowels they orbit, Nathan & Mercury, and Coeli, among others.

Gaya sa Pelikula first premiered on September 25. It tells the story of Karl (Paolo Pangilinan), an architecture student who suddenly finds himself living with his schoolmate Vlad (Ian), who is on the run from his family.

The 8-episode series is directed by I'm Drunk I Love You filmmaker JP Habac, and is available online on the Globe Studios YouTube Channel. –