The making of Kai Honasan

MANILA, Philippines – She made four accomplished performers – Lea Salonga, Bamboo, Apl de Ap, and Sarah Geronimo –  turn around while she played a pop ditty on her ukulele for her blind auditions for The Voice of the Philippines. However, public interest in singer-songwriter Kai Honasan heightened when the cameras turned to her family at the periphery, showing a familiar face: dad Gregorio, known to the public as Senator Gringo, who took off his legislator hat and wore that of the supportive father.

Some thought she was a breath of fresh air, but others dismissed The Voice's judges' decision as one as a result of her surname. Bamboo took her under his wing, and after weeks of battling it out with fellow contestants, she did not make it to the finals.

But there is life after The Voice, she says. When asked where she's headed, she shrugs her shoulders, not because she doesn't know where to go, but because she wants to keep her options open.

Watch Kai talk about growing up in a musical family, playing the piano in the bathroom, and dreaming of doing stand-up comedy. –

CAMERAMAN: Adrian Portugal
VIDEO EDITOR: Emerald Hidalgo

Marga Deona

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