Kang Daniel releases third mini-album ‘Yellow’

Kang Daniel released his third mini-album Yellow, along with the music video of his title track “Antidote” on Tuesday, April 13. 

Yellow is Daniel’s final installment in his “Color” trilogy following his mini-albums Cyan and Magenta in 2020. The album features a total of five-tracks including his pre-released “Paranoia.”

“After Magenta, I wanted to mature in terms of music. Now, I’d want to show completion,” the soloist said in an interview with Korea Herald.  “I want to show myself as a real artist. A lot of my own thoughts and worries have been incorporated into the comeback and there will be a lot of sincere stories. It will be about one part of the person called Kang Daniel,” he continued. 

Kang Daniel debuted as a member of Wanna One in August 2017. Since the group’s disbandment in December 2018, Daniel has started his own agency, Konnect Entertainment, and launched his solo career in July 2019. - Rappler.com