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LISTEN: Them Bloody Royals invites you to dance in ‘We Children Of The Night’

LISTEN: Them Bloody Royals invites you to dance in ‘We Children Of The Night’

THEM BLOODY ROYALS. The band releases their newest single, 'We Children Of The Night.'

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The 4-piece band sings about the thrills of fleeting romances in this synthpop track

Them Bloody Royals throws it back to the ’80s with latest song, “We Children Of The Night,” released on Friday, November 6.

The song is invites listeners to turn wherever they are into a dancefloor, with a synth-led sound that lends a backdrop to lyrics that speak of the (now seemingly archaic) thrills of meeting new people, and falling in fleeting romances with strangers.

“The song dances around with the idea of falling love, the thrill of it, but also not wanting to fully commit to anything,” said vocalist Sib Sibulo.

“You can be so broken and jaded with the idea of getting into serious relations, that you just wanna say, ‘Fuck it, I just wanna have fun,’” he added.

The song is the band’s effort to reinvent their previous work.

“We wanted to see if we could come up with a legitimate banger, and set a good pace for the next things down the pipeline,” Sib said.

Them Bloody Royals is made up of vocalist Sib, guitarist Alexis Sarmiento, keyboardist Diego Beltran, drummer JT Flameño, and bassist Jiggers Vergel de Dios. They released their debut single “Ravager” in March 2019, and their follow-up single “You are Coraline” over a year later.

Listen to their newest track, “We Children Of The Night” here:

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