LISTEN: Lorde reflects on getting older, slowing down in ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’

Just when we thought Lorde was done making us all cry with her music, the New Zealand artist releases a new track “Stoned at the Nail Salon” on Thursday, July 22.

If her previous release “Solar Power” was a bright, summery track, “Stoned at the Nail Salon” is slower and more somber – more in the vein of Lorde’s previous album Melodrama.

The song speaks about something that many elder millennials will be familiar with: the feeling that one is getting older and becoming less relevant as they settle into a slower-paced life.

“I’ve been trading the tour bus for the grocery store line over and over since I was 16 (I’ll probably do it forever), and a couple of years ago I realized it was time to write about those two sides to my life,” she shared in an email newsletter to her fans on July 22.

She started writing the song six months after she completed her Melodrama tour, which ended in November 2018.

“I was so tired by the end, I’d been so busy for so long, and I remember at the end of that tour saying to people I knew ‘I’m just going to go home and get bored’ — because it had been two years since I had been at a loose end, bored out of my brain going from the couch to the fridge, and I was craving that,” she said.

She shared that she relished the first couple of months after the tour, enjoying cake in the bath, and drinking wine over long Monday lunches.

“But eventually, of course, the insecurity that this was my life now, that I wasn’t a titan of industry, but someone who just… cooked and walked the dog and gardened crept in,” she said.

“I was starting to fall out of step with the times culturally, I didn’t have my finger firmly on the pulse for the first time in my life, and I could feel the next round of precocious teenagers starting to come up, and I felt insecure that they were gonna eat my lunch, so to speak. Was I over the hill?!! This song was borne out of that feeling,” she said.

“I was sure that I was building a beautiful life for myself, but I wasn’t sure if that life was going to satisfy the same thirsty, fearless person who could tear apart a festival stage or be in seven countries in seven days,” she said.

Ultimately, through the song, Lorde is embracing the two sides of her life – the slow, quiet part and the fast-paced, exciting part.

“It’s jarring to move between them, but that dichotomy is me. And writing this song was a real step toward embracing that,” she said.

"Stoned at the Nail Salon" is the second single off her much-awaited upcoming album Solar Power, which is slated for an August 20 release.

Listen to "Stoned at the Nail Salon" here: