WATCH: MAMAMOO’s Wheein drops ‘Water Color’ music video

MAMAMOO’s Wheein dropped the music video for “Water Color,” the title track of her new solo album Redd on Tuesday, April 13.

Wheein told Soompi that the lead single “captures various lights like a watercolor painting. It sends the message that I will paint my value more strongly with my own distinct color.” 

Redd, Wheein’s first solo release since the single album Soar in September 2019, features a total of six tracks. The English version of her lead single “Water Color” will be released on a later date. 

“I’ve been more serene and sentimental before, but this time I wanted to express my own colors, dazzling and diverse,” Wheein said about her new album in a Korea Herald report.

In 2020, Wheein’s fellow members also had their individual releases. Solar made her solo debut with the single “Spit it Out” while Hwasa dropped mini-album Maria and Moon Byul, her mini-album Dark Side of the Moon. 

As a group, MAMAMOO released their 10th EP Travel in November 2020. –