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WATCH: Maris Racal releases new single ‘Ate Sandali’

WATCH: Maris Racal releases new single ‘Ate Sandali’

MARIS RACAL. The artist releases a new single.

Balcony Entertainment

The power-pop track speaks about empowering women to stay away from empty relationships

Maris Racal released a new single called “Ate Sandali” on Wednesday, June 23, along with a music video.

The single is the first off her upcoming mini-album – a power-pop track that takes a more playful tone compared to her previous releases. The song’s lyrics talk about not falling for a guy’s empty romantic advances. It also features a rap part by the artist.

The song was written by Maris and produced by veteran musician Rico Blanco, the chief executive of her label Balcony Entertainment. He also happens to be Maris’ boyfriend.

Maris shared that “Ate Sandali” was influenced by the pop styles of Lady Gaga, K-pop artists, and the music of TikTok.

“There’s a natural curiosity songwriters have, as to what makes a song great – what makes people relate to and enjoy a certain song and sound. It intrigued me to the point where I was challenged to create something in that musical style and vein – and it made total sense to release music like this now, since it would be really weird to release similar music when I’m older. Now is the perfect time to do so,” she said.

She shared that the song was written when both she and her sister were going through heartbreak.

“Lyrically – it’s a song about empowering women in general – I literally wrote it during a time when both my sister and I were literally heartbroken, so it’s definitely one of those songs that I hope can also spread the message to all women out there,” she said.

Rico described “Ate Sandali” as Maris’ “own take on current music but in a way that is respectful – especially to the foundation of all great pop music from the past [from classic artists].”

“Pop music is an art, and there’s definitely a right way to do it, and we hear it with Maris’ songs. It’s very exciting for us,” he said.

Maris rose to fame as an actress, but has been consistently releasing music – including her 2018 album Stellar and her 2020 single “Not for Me.”

She shared that music has always been part of her life.

“I grew up pretty much surrounded by music, and my exposure comes from everywhere – from my parents listening to essential tunes varying from The Beatles to James Taylor, and my brother and sister, who would further influence my tastes and preference in more current music at the time,” Maris said.

“I remember how much I admired my brother – who was in a band at the time – as I’d watch him write original songs. It was very amazing to me.”

Rico shared that when they started working together, Maris surprised him with the amount of songs she had already written.

“After the first time we met and worked together on a song, Maris asked me my opinion of her songs, so she literally got a guitar and sang me her songs on the spot, and I was surprised that there were a lot,” he said.

“So naturally, I wondered why she never had a proper music career – I was blown away at how she had an entire collection of songs she had written herself on both guitar and piano,” he continued.

Maris’ new song is out now on various streaming platforms. –