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LISTEN: Meagan Trees gets vulnerable in ‘Take Me Away’

LISTEN: Meagan Trees gets vulnerable in ‘Take Me Away’

Photo courtesy of Lilystar Records

The singer-songwriter releases a delicate new single

Meagan Trees released her latest single “Take Me Away” on Friday, October 30.

The track, a graceful folk ballad, sees the Meagan singing about embracing vulnerability and taking risks.

The Dumaguete-based singer-songwriter came up with the song after being inspired by an adventure with a friend where they wound up on the beach at 3 in the morning.

“I thought that was such a cool, wholesome, happy experience which then led me to write ‘Take Me Away’ the next day,” she said.

With input from her good friends and guitar parts added by her brother, Meagan completed the song.

Originally from Bais in Negros Island, Meagan was surrounded by nature – dolphins, white sand beaches, and lush forests. As a biology student at Silliman University, she managed to merge her studies with her passion for music, by using her love for nature to fuel her songwriting.

Listen to “Take Me Away” here: