Music Mood Meter: Kai Honasan


In Rappler's Mood Meter, we give you 8 emotions to choose from. Singer-songwriter Kai Honasan shares with Rappler the songs that first come to mind whenever she experiences the emotions present in the Mood Meter.

Here are her picks, and, in her words, her reasons why.



"Pretty Car" by BP Valenzuela

Whenever I listen to this  – which is quite often – I imagine being the protagonist in my own teen movie trailer. Logged in so much daydreaming hours with this song on loop.



"Arabesque I" by Claude Debussy

It was the first piece I ever played for a recital when I was a kid. When haters were tweeting me that I wasn't a real musician, I used the first few bars of this piece to intro my version of [Taylor Swift's] "Blank Space" for the first live episode. The song became a reminder of what I was capable of. 




"Peacock" by Katy Perry

I love innuendo in songs but she just went for it.  



"Rockstar" by Nickelback

It's like if a broken buzzer turned into a song.



"Up and Down" by Vengaboys

It just doesn't go anywhere. I used to get so frustrated hearing it as a kid.



"The Jaws Theme" by John Williams

For obvious reasons. Even if nothing was happening it would just feel like it.



Her own version of "Limang Dipang Tao" by Ryan Cayabyab

I love this song, then I butchered it. That bums me out big time.




"Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith 

This is my sing-a-long party-in-my-room-by-myself anthem. 


Click on the playlist below to experience Kai's moods in music:


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