WATCH: Red Velvet’s Joy marks solo debut with ‘Hello’

Red Velvet’s Joy made her solo debut on Monday, May 31 with the release of the music video of her title track “Hello,” along with her remake album of the same name. 

Instead of brand new tracks, Hello is composed of six popular songs from the 1990s and 2000s that have been reimagined by Joy. 

“The songs from the 1990s and 2000s gave me a sense of healing. I loved them. I really like that retro vibe. I’ve even said that I wish I was born earlier so I could’ve lived through those times,” Joy said during the online conference for her album, according to a Soompi report. 

She also thanked the original singers who allowed her to remake their songs. “They are all such great songs that I didn’t want to mess up the emotional aura of the original. I tried to show my own voice and emotions inside those songs instead,” she added. 

The album’s title track “Hello” is a “modern rock remake” of Park Hye-kyung’s 2003 song of the same name. 

Also included in the track list is “Je T’aime” which was originally sung by singer Hey! in 2001. 

Prior to the release of her album, Joy also dropped a live performance video of “Je T’aime” last May 26. 

Before her solo debut with Hello, Joy also took part in several original soundtrack projects for Korean dramas like Hospital Playlist, Tempted, and The Liar and His Lover. The 25-year-old singer also acted in dramas Tempted and The Liar and His Lover. 

Joy is the second Red Velvet member who launched her career as solo artist this 2021 after Wendy released her debut mini-album Like Water in March. 

Since their debut in 2014, Red Velvet has released numerous hits like “Red Flavor,” “Power Up,” and “Psycho.” -