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Nadine Lustre releases audio NFTs

Nadine Lustre releases audio NFTs

NADINE LUSTRE. The singer and actress releases NFTs.

Courtesy of Careless

The artist has minted over 1,000 editions of her latest single 'Wait For Me'

Nadine Lustre has entered the NFT market, minting over 1,000 editions of her single “Wait For Me” and putting it up for sale at $30.12.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets authenticated by unique pieces of code that can be traded like collectibles. Records of who owns NFTs are stored on the blockchain, the same ledger system behind cryptocurrencies.

Nadine’s “Wait For Me” NFTs are available on, a platform for music NFTs. 

“Wait For Me” is Nadine’s latest single, a pop-R&B track released under her label Careless, is a song about letting go after a breakup. 

The song is her final single before taking a break from music to focus on a new film project. –