LISTEN: Noel Gallagher releases new song, ‘It’s a Beautiful World’

MANILA, Philippines – When Noel Gallagher makes headlines, it’s usually for some expeletive-laden comment (most likely aimed at his brother, Liam) but underneath all that noisy brashness, the Oasis frontman has still been making sweet music.

His band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, released a Kanye West-inspired song, “Fort Knox” in October, and now they’re back at it again with a fresh release called “It’s a Beautiful World.”

The song's overall hopeful mood and positive chorus ("It's a beautiful dream, a beautiful night, a beautiful world, when we dance in the light") is complemented with a French spoken word bit by Le Volume Courbe's Charlotte Marionneau, who launches into the poetry two-thirds into the song.

"It's a Beautiful World" is from the band’s upcoming full-length album, Who Built the Moon?, which is set to be released on November 24. Until then, listen to the song and view the lyric video above! –