LISTEN: Parasouls' debut single 'Can We, Can We' is an ode to 'Doctor Who'

Indie pop trio Parasouls released their debut single "Can We, Can We" on October 7, and it's an ode to the long-running sci-fi TV show Doctor Who.

The track is reminiscent of '90s alternative rock, and sings of the frustrations of romantic yearning. The song was written by the band's guitarist and vocalist Dani Dimaano and bassist Joshua Gaces, way back when they were in high school.

“I wrote about one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who. This song, in particular, is an ode to Rose Tyler and The Doctor in the TARDIS," she said.

Dani shared that the song was originally recorded as an acoustic track, but they tweaked the rhythm to work for a band set-up.

Parasouls is made up of Dani, her brother Igoy on drums, and Joshua.

Listen to "Can We, Can We" here: