[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Mark Ghosn and Rod Marmol

MANILA, Philippines – Spoken word artists Mark Ghosn and Rod Marmol are bringing their poetry, laughter, and a good amount of hugot to Rappler HQ!

Both Mark and Rod are experienced in the fine art of hugot – and spoken word.

Mark is the first Filipino spoken word artist to make it to the Philippines Top 50 on Spotify. He has also appeared on several TV shows, and is the artistic director of performance art collective Theater in Alternative Platforms (TAP).

Rod, meanwhile, is the brains behind viral Facebook page Utot Catalog, which has served as a platform for poetry and feels since 2013. He is also the author of bestselling anthology Lahat Tay May Period (At Iba Pang Punctuation Marks).

The two artists recently released books about love, hugot and everything in between. Rod’s (Wa)Lang Love: Love Stories na Walang Love Kaya Stories na Lang was released in February while Mark’s Ampalaya Monologues was released in July.

(Wa)Lang Love is a collection of writings that talk about heartbreak following the end of a relationship, while Ampalaya Monologues is a collection of, well, monologues, told from the perspective of different characters in various predicaments.

Here's their Live Jam setlist


‘Ang kwento ng adobo na naging abobo’ – Rod Marmol

Rod performs “Ang kwento ng adobo na naging abobo,” a poem about the struggles of a two-timed lover, framed in a recipe for adobo. 


‘Minsan isang muntikan’ – Mark Ghosn

Mark performs “Minsan isang muntikan,” a monologue about a man who struggles to admit his feeling to his dying best friend, but only manages to do it a moment too late. 


‘Pinakamahirap patawarin ang sarili’ – Rod Marmol

Rod performs “Pinakamahirap patawarin ang sarili,” a poem about accepting one’s flaws and forgiving oneself. 


‘Patola 101: An Introduction to the Art of Making Patol’ – Mark Ghosn (performed by Abe Herma)

Abe performs “Patola 101: An Introduction to the Art of Making Patol,” a piece written by Mark Ghosn where a wife visits her husband’s ex-girlfriend to teach her a simple lesson. 


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