‘Forte: The Pop Orchestra’: SB19, 4th Impact shine with classical arrangements

Ysa Abad
‘Forte: The Pop Orchestra’: SB19, 4th Impact shine with classical arrangements

CONCERT TO REMEMBER. The performers for 'Forte: The Pop Orchestra' concert.

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More than a fusion of classical and pop music, 'Forte: the Pop Orchestra' gave viewers a concert experience to remember

True to their promise, SB19, 4th Impact, and the other performers for the Forte: The Pop Orchestra concert delivered an unforgettable show filled with outstanding numbers and collaborations. 

The show began with an overture from the Battig Chamber Orchestra, followed by a powerful entrance from 4th Impact with their take on the Whitney Houston classic “Queen of the Night.” 

SB19 then took the stage and performed their hit “Mana.” The track, originally infused with electro-pop and R&B beats, was rearranged to fit the orchestral and classical elements of the concert.

The first two performances alone were already a delightful surprise for the viewers. 4th Impact, known for their harmonies, and SB19, known for their pop sound, earlier shared that they did their best preparing for their first foray into the classical genre. 

Battig homegrown talents and classical soloists Nicole Pugeda and Isaac Iglesias then took viewers on a nostalgic ride with their heartfelt renditions of “Araw Gabi” and “Sana Maulit Muli.” 

“It was touching and moving, even for us performers. So everyone can expect a lot of heart and soul,” Nicole said during the press conference days before the concert. And based on the comments, tweets, and reactions, they were successful in delivering poignant numbers. 

4th Impact then returned to the stage, performing a medley of OPM hits that included “Ikaw Lamang,” “Kailangan Kita,” “Ngayon at Kailanman” and “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas.” It was then followed by a beautiful version of “Emotion.” 

There’s no doubting 4th Impact’s vocal prowess – the girl group had already made a mark even on international stages. But in Forte: The Pop Orchestra, they were able to prove that they have the talent to slay any genre.

From one passionate performance to another: Nicole and Isaac, again, wowed the viewers with their take on hits “Please Be Careful with my Heart” and “Ikaw At Ako.” The original version of “Ikaw At Ako” from Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin was already painful in itself, but to hear it with an orchestral arrangement just hits differently. 

SB19 went full circle as they performed a new version of their first-ever song “Tilaluha” for the concert. A’TIN, both in the comments section of KTX website and Twitter, wrote that the refreshing take is a manifestation of the boy band’s growth throughout the years. 

And as if the nostalgia factor wasn’t enough, SB19 followed it up with one of their most sentimental songs yet (and a personal favorite) “Hanggang Sa Huli.” With its soft melody talking about love and the harsh realities of life, now coupled with an orchestral arrangement, Forte: The Pop Orchestra concert viewers couldn’t help but feel emotional. 

The ending spiel was then followed by 4th Impact’s performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” For the ending performance, all the artists – SB19, 4th Impact, Nicole, Isaac, the Battig Chamber Orchestra, and the SSC Chamber Choir teamed up for a compelling version of SB19’s “Mapa.”

“We treated this concert as our biggest performance in our lives,” 4th Impact said. And on that last number, where they all come together on one stage, this was clear for all to see.

Forte: The Pop Orchestra, with its beautiful musical arrangements, was successful in providing viewers an enchanting experience. –