WATCH: SB19 caps off 2021 with ‘SLMT’ music video
WATCH: SB19 caps off 2021 with ‘SLMT’ music video

SLMT. SB19 releases a new music video before 2021 ends.

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The 'SLMT' music video comes a week after the P-pop group released the music video for their holiday song 'Ligaya'

MANILA, Philippines – SB19 marks the end of a fruitful 2021 with the music video release of “SLMT” on Thursday, December 30. 

The track, which was released in July through the EP Pagsibol, is a chill, mid-tempo song that serves as a fitting tribute to the group’s loyal fan community, A’TIN. The SB19 members sing about feeling grateful for the support that they’ve received.

The music video, which was shot in Palawan, has earned over 130,000 views within 15 hours of its release. 

The “SLMT” music video also serves as a timely look back on the P-pop group’s successful year. In 2021, the group released their second EP, launched a clothing line with designer Chynna Mamawal, collaborated with several OPM stars like Ben&Ben, started venturing into solo careers, and headlined three digital concerts. 

SB19 also made waves in the international music scene. They made history as the first Filipino act to be nominated under the Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist category and also overtook BTS’ “Butter” in Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart. 

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In December alone, the group was named an NCAA Youth Ambassador, released a music video for “Ligaya” in time for Christmas, and collaborated with singer Jayda for the song “No Stopping You,” which serves as the official soundtrack for the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Love At First Stream. 

SB19 is made up of Pablo, Josh, Justin, Stell, and Ken. They first debuted in 2018, and have since taken the Filipino music scene by storm. –