WATCH: SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi releases ‘Spider’ music video

WATCH: SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi releases ‘Spider’ music video

NEW SONG. SEVENTEEN's Hoshi debuts with 'Spider' mixtape

Photo from SEVENTEEN's official Twitter account

'Spider' is Hoshi’s debut as a solo artist

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi released the music video for his first solo mixtape “Spider” on Friday, April 2. 

“As the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance unit, I worked really hard to push the boundaries and create a charismatic performance even for ‘Spider,’” Hoshi said in an interview with  Teen Vogue

He also revealed that he worked with member Woozi in composing and producing the track. “I played the song for him, and in the very beginning, there’s a part where it sounds like a water drop is falling from a spider web. From there, we naturally came up with the  keyword ‘Spider.’”

Prior to the release of Spider mixtape, Hoshi had been creating unpublished solo songs such as “Touch” and “Hurricane,” which he’s performed in Seventeen’s concerts. 

In February 2021, SEVENTEEN member Jun also released solo tracks “Crow” and “Silent Boarding Gate.”

SEVENTEEN is a thirteen-member boy group under PLEDIS Entertainment, which debuted in May 2015. They are known for their hits “Don’t Wanna Cry,” “Home,” “Very Nice,” and “Home; Run.” The group is currently gearing up for their Japanese comeback “Not Alone” for April 2021. – Rappler.com