Son Naeun leaves Apink after 11 years

Son Naeun leaves Apink after 11 years

DEPARTURE. Son Naeun is leaving K-pop girl group Apink.

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Naeun and Apink group leader Chorong apologize to fans for the sad news through handwritten letters

MANILA, Philippines – Son Naeun, member of Apink, is leaving the K-pop girl group after 11 years, both Naeun and group leader Park Chorong confirmed.

On Friday, April 8, Chorong posted a handwritten letter to Pandas about the departure of Naeun, “sincerely” saying sorry to their fans who “must must have been really surprised and very hurt” over the sudden news.

“While wondering what words could possibly be of a little bit of comfort to our Pandas, I thought a lot while writing and re-writing this. Even though I know that our Pandas don’t like when we apologize, it hurts my heart so much that as of right now, the only thing I have to say is that I’m sorry,” she said.

Chorong explained that after their last album, Apink’s members discussed the group’s future plans. “As these are the members who have been together for the difficult and happy times over the past 10 years, this moment does not yet feel real to us either,” she added. Chorong said that “in order to maintain Apink for 10 years, each member has made “numerous sacrifices and put in a lot of effort.”

“Since we know that so well about each other, this is a decision we’ve made after really thinking about what is best for each other,” she added. She also asked Pandas to keep posted for their “new start.”

“While promoting as five members this time, it was also very difficult for us mentally. While Pandas’ hearts likely won’t feel better in this moment, I promise that we will show you that we are working harder,” Chorong said, reiterating that all members have always prioritized Apink and Pandas.

“Let’s cherish our past pretty memories and I hope we can make new happy memories together. Even if it takes a long time, we will work harder. Once again, I sincerely apologize Pandas. We will greet you again soon with good music,” Chorong said.

Naeun was the first to announce her departure on the same day, also with a letter on Instagram. Upon writing it, she said she was very “worried and very nervous.”

“Because Apink is a place like family, with whom I have spent a long time together, I made this difficult decision after a lot of debate, and though it wasn’t an easy decision, I plan to become a Panda and cheer on Apink starting from now on,” Nauen wrote. She also gave thanks to fellow members Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, and Hayoung, as well as the “many people who have worked hard for Apink from the start,” including the IST staff and fans.

“I want to sincerely thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who made my teens and twenties the most radiant, who gifted me this happy time. I will engrave the name ‘Apink’s Son Naeun’ in my heart,” she said.

“Please give lots of love to Apink, and I, too, will be sincerely rooting for them. Up until now, this has been Apink’s Son Naeun,” she added.

According to Soompi, Naeun was the only Apink member in 2021 who didn’t renew her contract with the group’s agency IST Entertainment. She was not present for most promotional activities for Apink’s latest comeback in February as she recently signed with YG Entertainment as an actress.

IST Entertainment said that starting April 19, the release of the group’s 11th anniversary fan song, Apink will resume all promotional activities as a five-member group.

Apink debuted in 2011 with EP Seven Springs of Apink and lead single “Mollayo.” Their second EP Snow Pink also featured another hit single, “My My”. – Rappler.com