LISTEN: syd hartha brings the magic in latest single, ‘hiwaga’

Syd hartha has released her latest single “hiwaga,” a song about healing and self-awakening that lives up to its name.

The track opens with syd’s stunning vocals giving way to a rap verse – a reflection of hip-hop’s influence on syd’s songwriting. In the refrain, she sings about listening to the world as it beckons, and realizing one has a part to play in it.

The singer-songwriter said that the song came out of a time in her life where she was questioning her existence. 

“What inspired me to write this song is my awakening to the fact that I was given this life for a reason. I want to heal so I can be the best version of myself for everyone around me and I want to inspire people to do the same,” she said in a press release.

The song was produced by Johnoy Danao, who guided syd and her backing band Bea Fabros, Raisa Racelis, and Pat Sarabia through the recording while in quarantine. 

“Initially, we thought of a big production incorporating more instruments like horns, but we decided we wanted to give the song a lot of room to breathe and let the lyrics shine.” syd adds, “recording ‘hiwaga,’ was definitely challenging because it was our first time producing a single without seeing each other,” she said.

Syd is known for her songs “ayaw,” “paru-paro,” and “tila tala.”

Listen to “hiwaga” here: