LISTEN: Rock band The Bernadettes release first new song in over a decade

It's been over 10 years since local rock band The Bernadettes made waves in the OPM scene, but the band has made a comeback with their new track "Worthless Beautiful," released on September 23.

The song is marked by distorted guitars and raw vocals, as the lyrics capture what now feels like ancient history: a night spent drinking, partying, and basically enjoying the freedom to be out with friends.

"'Worthless Beautiful; deals with freedom in doing the things you want, the way you want it; no matter how wrong it might feel. The result may be worthless, but there is beauty in its pursuit," said lead vocalist Paolo Angeles.

The song is the first of 4 that the band recorded with Pupil bassist Dok Sergio, who produced the tracks. The band is planning to release a full-length album in 2021.

The Bernadettes' last single was "Let's Make Babies," released in 2009.

Listen to "Worthless Beautiful" here: