‘It’s going to be special’: Ben&Ben steps out of their comfort zone for ‘Kuwaderno’ concert

Ysa Abad
‘It’s going to be special’: Ben&Ben steps out of their comfort zone for ‘Kuwaderno’ concert

KUWADERNO. Ben&Ben is having a digital concert on December 5.

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Ben&Ben is set to hold their first major digital concert 'Kuwaderno' on December 5

Following their numerous collaborations (both local and international) and the release of their sophomore album Pebble House, Vol: 1: Kuwaderno, Ben&Ben is set to end 2021 with a bang through their major digital concert “Kuwaderno.” 

The nine-piece Filipino folk-pop band said in a press conference on Monday, November 15, that the upcoming concert is “special” and “something [they’ve] never done before or tried to do.” 

“We can’t deny the fact that it’s the biggest project we’ve undertaken so far, and I think you just somehow know that it’s a leap of faith when the streams of guidance and providence lead you to the right people who believe in the same vision you have: To bring the music and the messages they carry to life,” they said. 

Ben&Ben added that they’ve specifically wrote the concert thinking of how the viewers could feel like it’s an actual live event. “We wanted it to be like, how can we make Liwanag (Ben&Ben fans) feel as if they’re with us, even if hindi pwede (if it’s not possible)…. I think it’s bittersweet in a sense.” 

“Sweet cause all of [our hard work] has been leading to this point, but still bitter because we would definitely love for Liwanag, for everyone to be there with us.… We really miss live concerts so much. But we also want to embrace the season we’re all in, and the safest way for us to express that is through this online concert.” 

The band confirmed that they’ll perform all 12 tracks from their sophomore album, hinting that the artists they’ve collaborated with, such as KZ Tandingan, Chito Miranda, and SB19, will join them in the concert. “We will be joined by our friends.… We are rehearsing with them as well,” they said. 

Despite the limitations of the online platform, Ben&Ben also aims to redefine the virtual concert-going experience and build a connection with their audience all over the world by being hands-on with the whole production process. 

For this concert, Ben&Ben teamed up with concert directors Paolo Valenciano and Maribel Legarda, Philippine Theater Association (PETA), and veteran lights designer Shakira Villa-Symes. 

In their desire to show their fans a new side of the band, Ben&Ben and their team also included actors and dancers for this concert. “The talented dancers we’ve worked with, headed by choreographer Gio Gahol, are from different dance groups as well. It is amazing to see how they seem to get along and dance passionately with each other easily.” 

Given that it’s their first time to mount a huge project like this, the band admitted that it “gets really challenging.” “But the beautiful thing out of this is we’re humbled that we get to see different forms of art, appreciate them, and talk to wonderful people.” 

“This spirit of collaboration was one of the defining themes of our album Pebble House Volume One: Kuwaderno and it was only by natural desire that we brought the same spirit and attitude when we began working on the concert.”

“As for the play between grand and intimate, we really wanted our listeners to relish in the grandiosity of what their support means to us. Doing a concert on this scale and bringing them closer into that bigger picture is our way of expressing immense gratitude to them as well,” they continued. 

Scheduled for December 5, the online concert will serve as an early Christmas gift from Ben&Ben to their fans.

“We’ve received a lot of messages from Liwanag telling us how the band has helped them get through tough times. Hopefully through this concert, we’ll be able to use our platform in making them feel that they’re not alone in this fight.” –

Tickets to Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert can be purchased via the KTX website