LISTEN: Us-2, Evil-0 releases 'Karaoke Machine,' their first single in over a decade

After 11 years, US-2 Evil-0 has released a new single, "Karaoke Machine," on October 23.

The song is true to the indie-pop band'sound, with the signature male-female harmonies and sunny melodies belying the rather dark story that inspired its lyrics.

"'Karaoke Machine' is actually inspired by the 'My Way' murders," said songwriter/instrumentalist Wincy Ong.

"There’s a phenomenon in the Philippines where people get shot over who gets to sing 'My Way' during drunken karaoke sessions. We wanted to do a song that everyone could sing and dance along to, and maybe if they eventually researched about the song, they’d go ‘OMG what?!’"

The song was released under Island Records Philippines, which recently launched last July, as one of the label's first local releases.

Co-vocalist Quark Henares shared that it took the band so long to release new material because life happened: “Some of us left to study abroad, then when we got home others left to work abroad, people got married, designed clothes, painted paintings, made movies, put up solo albums."

They reunited, Quark shared, simply because they missed each other "and didn't want [their debut album] Dirty Debutantes to be a one time thing."

"We never stopped being friends, and we just wanted another document of that,” he said.

The band, known for being a fixture of the Manila gig scene in the late 2000s, isn't writing off returning to the stage.

As co-vocalist Mich Dulce said: "We miss playing shows a lot. Though we do have a hurdle of being spread out in 3 continents at the moment! Not to mention being in the middle of a pandemic."

Us-2 Evil-0 is made up of Wincy, Quark, Mich, co-vocalist and bassist Nix Puno, and drummer Bogs Jugo.

Dirty Debutantes was released in 2009. Since then, they've become known for songs like "Mixtape," "Our Weekends Dissolve," and "This Mighty Heart Attack." They are set to release an EP, Filthy Finishers, in 2020.

Listen to "Karaoke Machine" here: