Nadine Lustre: 'Everything is fine' with James Reid

MANILA, Philippines — Nadine Lustre denied rumors that she and James Reid have broken up.

In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda that aired on Monday, August 5, Nadine said: "Bakit ba 'nung hindi pa kami, gustong-gusto n'yo maging kami? Ngayon kami na, gusto n'yo kami paghiwalayin? Ano ba talaga?" (When we weren't together yet, people wanted us to be together. Now that we're together, you want us to break up? So what do you really want?)

"Everything is okay. Everything is fine."

The Indak actress admitted that she still answer the occassional question, if only to put down rumors about their relationship. Once, Nadine answered a basher online who wondered why Nadine's acting award wasn't in one area of James' place.

"But as much as possible, that's how I want to reply. Either jokingly or something light lang. I don't want to be rude."

Choose your next leading man

Nadine also played a game to pick who she'd want to work with for future projects. She said "Indak" for "yes" and "Tadyak" for "no."

She said yes to Enrique Gil, Piolo Pascual, and Coco Martin. 

"He's really a nice guy," Nadine said of Coco.

On the other hand, she said no to Joshua Garcia because he was to young for her. She also said no to Gerald Anderson. She also said no to Daniel Padilla out of respect for Kathryn Bernardo.

Kathryn had also said in an interview that she's rather not work with James to avoid issues.

"I respect that. Para nga walang gulo. (So there's no issue.) I respect, I respect," she said.

Their fandoms are among the biggest and most loyal in local showbusiness today. —