WATCH: These shows are on HOOQ, Netflix now!

MANILA, Philippines – Looking for something to do on your downtime? Whether it's relaxing after a long day at work or vegging out on the weekends, Netflix and HOOQ have got you covered. These are the new shows shows that will be shown online starting this month.


Wonder Woman

The movie starring Gal Gadot has become the blockbuster summer flick of 2017. The film shows the beginning of Diana and how she became the superheroine we all love.

Date of online release: September 18


Marvel's Inhumans 

Another Marvel group of heroes is making its onscreen debut. The storyline will revolve around brothers Black Bolt and Maximus and their complicated relationship due to every hero's favorite waterloos: power and greed.

Date of online release: September 29 (US), October 1,  PH time


Also due to come out on HOOQ the new seasons of Supergirl, Flash, and Lucifer, which will premiere on HOOQ after its US telecast begins this month. 



Narcos Season 3 

The fight against drug trafficking continues following the fall of durg kingpin Pablo Escobar. If you're missing Game of Thrones already, get your fix here with Pedro Pascal (the short-lived and much missed Oberyn Martell) playing DEA agent Javier Peña.

Date of online release: September 1 



Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga, like Madonna before her, is arguably one of the most popular and divisive pop stars out there, but who is the woman behind the elaborate costumes and performances? The documentary special takes viwers to Gaga land during her preparations for the Superbowl 2017. Could this be the milennial version of Truth or Dare?

Date of online release: September 22