'On The Wings of Love' finale recap: Clark and Leah get their happy ending

MANILA, Philippines – The hit show On The Wings of Love, starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre ended Friday, February 26.

The final episode featured the couple's church wedding – a stark contrast to their first wedding, a civil ceremony that was held out of necessity.

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The episode started with the audience finding out that Clark (James) and Leah (Nadine) met before their encounter in San Francisco. When they were children, Clark returned Leah's family's pet dove, Pampu. "What a love story," commented Clark on the incident, while Leah said, "Kakampi natin pati ang tadhana (Even destiny is on our side)."

The scene cuts to the day of Clark and Leah's wedding – the two previously asked each other to marry each other again.

On the day of the wedding, we see Clark and Leah getting ready. Jigs (Albie Casiño), Clark's cousin and Leah's ex-boyfriend, gifts Clark with a framed photo of the couple.

Scenes of the wedding preparations are set to a spoken word poem, titled 10 Bagay na Natuto Sa Akin ng Pag-ibig, performed by their friend, Rico, in the background. "Ang pagmamahal ay laging babalik sa'yo (Love will always come back to you)," Rico (Juan Miguel Severo) recited.

Clark and Leah's family and friends visited them before the wedding.

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Later at the church, the two gave their wedding vows. Clark said that destiny doesn't control people, it just gives them a push in the right direction: "We decide if it's worth fighting for, worth waiting for. And Leah, you are worth every fight. And you are worth every wait. I promise to you that my love will always be greater than the time I must wait and the distance I must travel to be with you. Sa 'yo lang ako (I'm only yours)."

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Leah said: "Kahit matupad ko ang mga pangarap ko, kung 'di kita kasama balewala 'yung mga 'yun (Even if I achieve all my dreams, if you're not with me, then it's all for nothing). You made me soar higher than my dreams could ever take me. Hinding-hindi kitang iiwan dahil mahal kita (I will never leave you, because I love you)."

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On Twitter, director Antoinette Jadaone said she asked James's help to write Clark's wedding vows.

Trivia: Asked James for help in writing his wedding vows. So yes, he co-wrote his own vows. pic.twitter.com/41OsLP1eUg — Tonette, Tonette (@tonetjadaone) February 26, 2016


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At the reception, Clark's Tita Jack (Cherry Pie Picache) and Leah's dad, Mang Sol (Joel Torre), each gave a speech. We see Simon (Paulo Avelino), Leah's boss, and the person Clark was jealous of before, attending the reception. 

Screengrab from ABS-CBN
Screengrab from ABS-CBN

The series was capped off with a live performance of one scene from the show at the Ynares Sports Complex in Antipolo City.

Clark and Leah's arrival pic.twitter.com/7OspJ7NiyA — alexa villano (@alexavillano) February 26, 2016


On TV, the final scene showed the couple in San Francisco, happily married. – Rappler.com