'One More Chance' adapted into novel


MANILA, Philippines – Fan of the movie One More Chance? Back in 2007, the hit movie captured the hearts of viewers everywhere with Popoy and Basha's story of love and loss (and love again!). Now, a novel based on the movie is available for fans to enjoy. 

Revolving around Popoy and Basha's ups and downs as a couple and apart, the story also focuses on the characters as individuals – how they come into their own as they explore their own careers. They must work together after their breakup, and this causes old feelings to resurface. 

Filled with now-famous lines that anyone can relate to, the film turned into an instant classic back in '07. 

Speaking of famous lines, this one in particular is one of our favorites:


Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz): "She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best. But binalewala mo lang  lahat 'yun." (You didn't care about any of that.)

Basha (Bea Alonzo): "Popoy, 'yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? (Is that what you think?) I just made a choice."

Popoy: "And you chose to break my heart."

In the release posted on Star Cinema’s website, author Miguel Sevilla shared his thoughts on the original film. 

One More Chance, I think, is the prototype for all these parang heartbroken, sad, you know yung hugot movies that are so popular now. I think that was the prototype eh. It set a standard, I think, in a lot of the Star Cinema films that followed,” he said.


"It’s a retelling of this classic love story and enhancing it a bit or parang adding more na mas maraming makukuha yung [mga] tao (people can get more),”  Miguel said. 

Miguel said that the book includes how Popoy and Basha met and what happened to them after the events of the movie. Although there are differences from the movie, he assured fans many of the famous lines are still there. 

“I really hope I did the movie justice. I really hope you enjoy it and I really hope you like yung the additional stuff that I put it in. The differences. The differences in tone, the differences in language. So I really hope you like it. 

“I wrote it with you in mind, as in honestly, kasi as a fan I was writing a book that I wanted to read,” Miguel said.

Many fans expressed their excitement about the book on social media:

One More Chance the novel i gotta have you  popoy and basha for life! — Ai Tadokoro (@tadokoroaii) June 10, 2015


One More Chance The Novel. Ohmyghad I need to have thatttttt — ayi (@_ohitsalyanna) June 9, 2015


Must read. Must own. #OneMoreChance novel  Congrats @StarCinema @carmiraymundo pic.twitter.com/pnT7E6nEs3 — Kathrina Sanchez (@kathrinavs) June 10, 2015


Wow may novel na pala yung One More Chance. — Mae Cabingan (@MeCabingan) June 9, 2015


One More Chance is available in bookstores and the ABS-CBN store website. Will you be picking up a copy? What's your favorite line? Let us know in the comments below.  – Rappler.com