Hacktivists helping Gaza stay connected

Hacktivist groups, tweeters and citizens in the crossfire are all embroiled in attempts to keep Gaza connected as conflict rages in the area

An image tweeted by @IDFSpokesperson

MANILA, Philippines – Hacktivists appear to be at the center of a global drive to allow connections to the Internet to continue in the Gaza strip.

Twitter set the stage for the beginning of hostilities, with sites like Popular Science discussing how the social network was the venue for announcements from both the Israeli and Hamas forces.

As knowledge of the plan to cut off Internet connectivity in Gaza spread through Twitter, most notably through Facebook reposts of a picture of retweets from @mayyasa1 and through an announcement by Anonymous, the information networks of Anonymous and Telecomix went into full force.

Telecomix agents began assembling and disseminating a pastebin link regarding finding alternate means of Internet access, such as tweeting through SMS and using dial-up numbers to stay connected.

Anonymous began using its Twitter account to spread the message, with others retweeting the message or reposting the information.

An Egyptian blogger called Katatus also saved some of the information as a post on his blog in an effort to preserve the information.

As this situation develops, information will become more important, both in telling the world what is happening, as well as providing support for citizens caught in the crossfire. Here’s to hoping everyone stays connected and safe during the interim. – Rappler.com

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