Google releases Gmail 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

The updated Gmail app fro iPhone and iPad hopes to impress Apple users

MORE GMAIL. Google's mail service for the iPhone and iPad gets an upgrade. Screen shot from Gmail Blog.

MANILA, Philippines – Gmail users on Apple’s devices have something to look forward to today. A post on the Gmail blog on Wednesday, December 5, noted that the 2.0 iteration of their Gmail application is now ready for use on iPhones and iPads.

According to Google’s post, Gmail 2.0 has been redesigned with ” a bunch of improvements like profile pictures in messages, numerous new animations from swivels to transitions and infinite scrolling in the message lists.” The new version of the app also comes with the ability to respond to Google Calendar invites and comment or add pluses to posts on Google+

Gmail users can also log into as many as 5 accounts at once.

The rollout of the app appears to be hitting a snag, however, as Bonnie Cha of The Wall Street Journal mentions how she tried to download it on her iPhone 4 but kept receiving an error, stating, “The item you tried to buy is no longer available.”

Currently, impressions for the new Gmail app have been divided. On one hand, The Verge notes that Gmail 2.0 is a “frustratingly mixed bag,” noting how the app works well enough for average users but doesn’t have the functionality that heavy users of the service might need or want. On the other hand, Ars Technica calls the Gmail 2.0 update, “simple, but in a good way,” citing nearly the same points mentioned by The Verge about the app having “enough functionality to not infuriate users, but not so much that it’s confusing to navigate on a tiny phone screen.” –

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