LINE messaging app launches in PH

The LINE social messaging application launches in the Philippines

LINE LAUNCHES. NHN Corporation's Hyun-bin Kang poses for the cameras on the launch of LINE in the country.

MANILA, Philippines – On February 14, NHN Corporation announced the official launch of its messaging app LINE for Philippine markets.

Launched in 2011, LINE is touted as the fastest growing mobile messaging service in Asian and Western countries, providing free messaging, calling, and group chatting capabilities to its users.

LINE is a multiplatform device and is available for smartphones, PCs, and tablets that run the Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows operating systems. 

The life platform

The LINE app calls itself a “smartphone life platform” as well due to its use of social network elements for messaging, such as the use of Official Accounts for brands, celebrities, and public figures.

Of the various elements, LINE takes advantage of a wide array of free and for-purchase Stickers, which serve as brand icons that represent emotions on messages and chats.

Hyun-bin Kang, Director of LINE’s business office, notes, “LINE’s fun stickers will also enable the users in the Philippines, who are known to freely express their feelings to accurately illustrate their emotions.”

LINE'S FEATURES. LINE touts a wide array of functions and apps to augment its social experience.

LINE’s many functions

The app also has a number of additional functions that further reinforce the “life platform” aspect of the app.

Home and Timeline functions allow LINE users to share what’s happening in their lives by posting pictures, videos, and location information on their account space.

LINE Band is a private mobile group service that allows for people to group themselves and share information privately.

LINE Camera lets users edit photos they take, allowing them to add frames, filters, stamps, and other effects to decorate a photo. Users can then share the photos they edit on LINE Camera.

The LINE service also has a number of additional apps, such as various games, a greeting card creation app called LINE Card, an interest-based chatroom called LINE Cafe, and mobile security software called LINE Anti-Virus.

The Philippine Movement

NHN plans on actively carrying out campaigns in the Philippines to increase the visibility and popularity of LINE in the country.

According to NHN, these plans include releasing localized content specific to users in the Philippines. LINE also intends to outsource game creation for the service through the cooperation of Philippine game developers.

As Hyun-bin Kang adds, “The Philippines is a new target market for LINE and LINE is striving to introduce localized dynamic and distinct features for users in the Philippines.”

With LINE’s entry into the public eye, it seems other social network services will want to take note of how LINE presents itself, not only to the public, but also as a strong contender for social networking in this highly-connected country. –