WATCH: The Binibining Pilipinas 2019 candidates talk superheroes, the Avengers

Voltaire E. Tayag
WATCH: The Binibining Pilipinas 2019 candidates talk superheroes, the Avengers
Plus who among Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America would the ladies date?

The year 2019 will probably go down as the year Avengers: Endgame toppled box office records worldwide. In some ways, there are parallelisms between this movie franchise and Binibining Pilipinas – both are the most highly anticipated every summer and bring an excitement like no other (albeit, for different crowds, probably).

One can also compare the 6 infinity stones to the 6 coveted crowns in Bb. Pilipinas. The Binibining Pilipinas queens are the most powerful and infuential queens in Philippine pageantry.

As empowered and as intelligent as these women are, they also have possess wit and a sense of humor – the same qualities that have endeared the Avengers heroes to billions of people around the world.

When the Binibinis are not busy saving the world through their advocacies, they are these amazingly charming women that many can relate to. During the media day last May 9, I had the opportunity to interview all the Binibinis. But instead of asking them the usual round of pageant questions, I asked these two fun questions that bring out their fun side.

You can tell a lot about a Binibini’s personality the way she handles non-pageant and light hearted questions. Their body language sometimes convery much more than the actual words they are saying. You can immediately tell which ones are naturally serious and those who are crazy funny.

It is also very interesting to see the difference in their demeanor in answering the two questions.

  1. If you could be any Avenger, who would you be?
  2. If you could date any Avenger, who would you choose?

For the first question, the answers were quite spread out. This seems to show that they have different ideas of what a hero is and how they perceive power. Their answers were as follows:

Captain Marvel — 9 Binibinis (Hannah Arnold, Denj Magno, Samantha Bernardo, Emma Tiglao, Leren Mae Bautista, Ilene de Vera, Samantha Lo, Dia Magno, Vickie Rushton)


Black Widow — 5 Binibinis (Melba Macasaet, Martina Turner Diaz, Nicole Guerrero, Maria Isabela Galeria, and Francia Layderos)


Thor — 4 Binibinis (Gazini Ganados, Joahnna Saad, Malka Shaver, and Denise Omorog)


Iron Man — 4 Binibinis (Marianna Marquez, Jessica Marasigan, Samantha Poblete, Sherry Ann Tormes)



Other ladies picked beyond Avengers such as Wonder Woman from the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman — 3 Binibinis (Reasham Saeed, April Short, Rubee Faustino)



Single Votes

  •     Starlord – Sigrid Grace Flores
  •     Captain America – Patch Magtanong
  •     Scarlet Witch – Aya Abesamis
  •     Groot – Kimberle Penchon (Yes, she was serious)
  •     Dr. Strange – Mary Fay Murphy
  •     Mantis – Julia Saubier
  •     Catwoman – Danielle Dolk



However, for the question on who to date, one couldn’t help remember Julia Robert’s character in Notting Hill saying, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” The Binibinis were very cute with some shrieks of “kilig” from many of them.

Here are the Avengers hearthrobs according to the Binibinis:

Captain America — 20 Binibinis (Jessica Marasigan, Melba Macasaet, Denielle Magno, Honey Grace Cartasano, Martina Turner Diaz, Joahnna Saad, Samantha Bernardo, Nicole Guerrero, Emma tiglao, April Short, Kimberle Penchon, Sherry Ann Tormes, Maria Isabela Galeria, Samantha Lo, Mary Faye Murphy, Gazini Ganados, Anne Barker, Denise Omorog, Francia Layderos, Vickie Rushton)




Thor 8 Binibinis (Denielle Magno, Malka Shaver, Samantha Poblete, Patch Magtanong, Aya Abesamis, Rubee Faustino, Julia Saubier, Hannah Arnold)


Ironman — 4 Bininibis (Marianne Marquez, Reasham Saeed, Leren Mae Bautista, Dia Magno)



Black Panther — 1 Binibini (Ilene de Vera)           

Star-Lord — 1 Binibini (Sigrid Grace Flores)

Hulk — 1 Binibini (Jane Darren Genobisa)

Superman (who isn’t an Avenger, but we’ll take it) — Danielle Dolk 


The Bb. Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night will be on June 9 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum —


Voltaire has 10 years experience in the fashion industry. He previously worked with a luxury clothing and accessories brand in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated magna cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, major in Fashion Design. He also holds a BS in Applied Economics and BS in Marketing from DLSU. He is now doing real estate but finds ample spare time to pursue his passions.

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