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Ms PH Earth Makati City: Crisalda Catipay
Meet Miss PH Earth Makati City

PRESS LAUNCH. Crisalda Catipay at the pageant's press launch. Photo by Erickson dela Cruz



Ms PH Earth 2013 LIVE poll results

MANILA, Philippines – In line with the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 pageant’s water conservation theme, this 20-year-old model says, “Participate in water conservation and set an example to others by giving them advice or information.”

Describe your childhood/growing-up years (8-13 years old):

My growing-up years were a roller-coaster ride. They were filled with happy and lonely memories. As a child, I was busy studying, participating in different school activities and playing with my friends. When I would reminisce about my childhood, I remember these memories and they make me happy. Yet I remember when I reached my pre-teen years that I was envious of my friends and classmates. Every time there was a school event, their fathers were always there to support them and my father was no longer with us.

Most memorable moment:

The most memorable moment of my life was when I had a vehicular accident. My whole body, including my face, was totally damaged and I thought that would be the last journey of my life. But I was wrong, because my family, especially my mother, gave me strength, courage and hope to fight. That’s the time I prayed sincerely to God to give me another chance and He answered my prayers. After that incident, I now appreciate my life more and have become a better and more positive person.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?

My environmental advocacy is recycling. Since I learned the 4Rs in high school, I became an advocate of it: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. First, I want to encourage others to Rethink their resource consumption. Second, I desire to influence others to Reduce consumption. This is the best way to reduce environmental impact and to conserve resources. Next, when consumption is necessary, I would encourage Reusable options. This will also develop our creativity. Last, when reuse is not an option, the last and least ecologically benign option is to choose recyclable or compostable products.

RESORTWEAR COMPETITION. Crisalda Catipay at the resortwear competition on April 12 at Hotel Pontefino & Residences, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

SWIMWEAR COMPETITION. Crisalda Catipay at the swimwear competition on April 13 at Golden Sunset Resort, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

CULTURAL COSTUME COMPETITION. Crisalda Catipay at the cultural costume competition on April 19 at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions


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