Ms PH Earth Passi City: Chriscember Joy Nuñez
Meet Miss Earth PH Passi City

PRESS LAUNCH. Chriscember Joy Nuñez at the pageant's press launch. Photo by Erickson dela Cruz



Ms PH Earth 2013 LIVE poll results

MANILA, Philippines – In line with the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 pageant’s water conservation theme, this 23-year-old college student says, “It’s somehow ironic when we say yes to water preservation management but fail in providing the best practices. I am quite sure we all have our own idea of preserving water. We can gather those ideas and ponder on them. We can coordinate with the local government units and NGO’s to develop creative ways of promoting awareness; making sure that everyone has a part in each step or process. We can also establish a reward system where the best ideas are given recognition.”

Describe your childhood/growing-up years (8-13 years old):

My childhood was like that of a gypsy; transferring from one place to another, meeting new people, adjusting to different environments. It was tough, but was definitely worth it.

Most memorable moment:

It was when I had my first parasailing experience. It was a luxury that we could not afford then but through the efforts of people close to our hearts, we were able to experience it for free. It taught me a lot of things. For one, the best things in life are free; you just have to look around and learn to appreciate them.

What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?

Apathy, “the lack of interest or concern” as defined in the dictionary. This is a crime we commit unknowingly. More often than not, we tend to think that it is enough that we either agree or disagree on a certain issue. What we do not realize is that beyond just saying yes or no is a need for action. It is high time that we move and influence others. We only have one Earth; one chance to save it.

RESORTWEAR COMPETITION. Chriscember Joy Nuñez at the resortwear competition on April 12 at Hotel Pontefino & Residences, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

SWIMWEAR COMPETITION. Chriscember Joy Nuñez at the swimwear competition on April 13 at Golden Sunset Resort, Batangas. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions

CULTURAL COSTUME COMPETITION. Chriscember Joy Nuñez at the cultural costume competition on April 19 at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay. Photo courtesy of Carousel Productions


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