Twitter translates high-profile tweets

Twitter has enabled translations to tweets from high-profile Egyptian Twitter accounts

TWITTER TRANSLATION. Twitter is now offering translations to high-profile Egyptian tweets. Screen shot from Muhammad Morsi's Twitter account

MANILA, Philippines – Twitter appears to be taking its role as a breaking news magnet more seriously, and is working to make it easier for people to stay informed.

Twitter is offering translations to tweets of high-profile Egyptian twitter accounts. GigaOm reports that Twitter has enabled this translation service “so people around the world can better understand and keep up with what’s happening there.”

The translation feature is powered by Microsoft’s Bing web search engine.

The Twitter for News account has a list of the Egyptian Twitter accounts that will have this translation feature. While it isn’t perfect — as the above translation of a Muhammad Morsi tweet shows — it’s a step up from not being able to understand what’s being said.

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