Google Apps experiencing disruptions

(UPDATED 2:44 pm.) A host of Google services look to be having issues at the moment

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED)- Google appears to be suffering from service disruptions at the moment, causing  interruptions to a host of Google Apps.

Earlier, we reported that the issue appeared to be downtime with the IMAP server of Gmail, but the Google Apps Status Dashboard shows disruptions for everything from Gmail to Google Drive services. 

If you’re using a third-party application or a Google App to check Gmail, you may be having trouble getting to your email at the moment.

SERVICE DISRUPTION? Google's Apps Dashboard shows an issue with a number of Google applications and services. Screen shot from

The Next Web reports that the Gmail IMAP server appears to be having problems at the moment, preventing people from checking their mail through third-party clients. Trying to directly visit Gmail through also doesn’t work at the moment.

Down Right Now, a website that checks for service interruptions on websites, noted 3 hours of intermittent service for the IMAP server, with the last reported widespread service interruption posted at around 11:38 am.

INTERMITTENT SERVICE. Down Right Now notes around 3 hours of spotty service. Screen shot from Down Right Now 

In its support information, Google actually recommends the use of IMAP to the alternative, known as the POP server, due to better overall stability and two-way syncing capabilities. 

While you can use POP to check your mail at the moment, Google does mention that “POP is prone to losing messages or downloading the same messages multiple times.”

As a result, it’s likely that a large number of people who use Gmail are affected if they aren’t directly using to check their mail. –

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