Apple to start charger trade-in program

Apple will start a USB power adapter takeback program to address counterfeit chargers and third-party products

TAKEBACK PROGRAM. Apple will start a takeback program for USB power adapters that users distrust. Trading them in lets users get discounts on buying an Apple-designed replacement.

MANILA, Philippines – The rise of counterfeit chargers and third-party products have brought about fears of safety issues as a result of design differences. While Apple does have information explaining how to tell an Apple charger from a third-party product or counterfeit, the company is going a step further to lessen consumer risk.

Apple is setting up a worldwide USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to help set people up with properly-designed chargers.

Beginning August 16, Apple Retail Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will let you drop off any USB power adapters you have doubts using. Apple says it will “ensure that these adapters are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.”

Turning a USB power adapter in also qualifies consumers to take advantage of discounted pricing on Apple adapters.

Qualified participants of the Takeback Program who bring their iPhone, iPad, or iPod into the centers can purchase an Apple USB power adapter for US$10 or an approximate equivalent in their given currency.

Users can only buy one Apple-made adapter under the special pricing for each device they own. The special pricing under this program will only be available till October 18.

Interested parties will want to visit the support webpage (link here for Philippines-specific searches) for Apple products to find a service provider or store close to their location and contact information for those locations. Make sure to check if these programs will be enabled for the place you want to go to before heading out. –

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