Gmail to lose old compose window soon

Gmail is phasing out its old compose window for everyone, but has left a compromise for lovers of the old compose

FULL SCREEN COMPOSITION. Gmail is changing how users compose emails, but is leaving something for folks who liked the way things were. Picture by Google

MANILA, Philippines – Gmail users who preferred using the old compose window on the email service may not have much of a choice soon. Google is planning to transition everyone to the new compose window, though they have put in a concession for fans of full-screen email making.

Google announced on August 14 that it was “saying farewell to the old compose and switching everyone to the new compose over the next few days.” What this means for all Gmail users is that they’ll need to get used to the new system, which creates a minimizable window you can leave up or minimize if you want to reference your existing emails.

Much like the transition into the new version of the Gmail inbox, Google may be replacing the old with new tricks, but it has set up a compromise for people who preferred the style they’d grown used to.

Those who prefer making their emails on a full-screen window can still take advantage of a recently added feature on Gmail. You can expand the compose window to turn it into full-screen mode, then set it as your default preference in the options menu on the bottom right side of the compose window. –