Google downtime causes global traffic drop
Google services like Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive were down for minutes

GLOBAL EFFECT. Google's downtime brought global Internet traffic down by 40%

MANILA, Philippines – Google went down from 7:37 am to 7:48 am (Manila time) on Saturday, August 17, according to Google’s Apps Status Dashboard.

The 11-minute outage seemed to affect all Google services which experienced downtimes lasting two to 5 minutes, reports The Register. Google services include Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and more.

Google released a statement saying, “We have received reports of an issue affecting some Google services. The issue is now resolved. Please follow our dashboard for more information:”

Web analytics service GoSquared reported a 40% drop in worldwide Internet traffic during the minutes of Google downtime. 

Here is the graph showing the drop:

GLOBAL AFFECT. Though Internet downtimes are common, a Google downtime is notable. Image from GoSquared

Google has not yet explained what caused the downtime but assured users through its Apps Status Dashboard that “system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.” –