Binibining Pilipinas aims to bring Internet to all aims to bring the Internet to everyone

INTERNET.ORG'S GOALS. is a global partnership that aims to speed up Internet adoption around the world. Screen shot from

MANILA, Philippines – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced, a global partnership aimed at making Internet access available to more people around the world.

In its announcement post, the partnership’s founders – Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm, and Samsung – said they will work together to set up projects, share knowledge, and help convince industry and governments to “bring the world online.” 

With only a little over a third of the world using the Internet, according to the International Telecommunications Union, aims to speed up the current rate of adoption. has 3 main initiatives it wants to promote: affordable access to the Internet through mobile technologies, efficient data use to lessen the data needed to use apps and the Internet well, and business-driven access to the Internet in order to grow mobile businesses sustainably.

The website is now up for people to visit, and has an overview of the mission of the partnership. It will eventually have interviews with people in the technology sector and will be updated with the latest news on’s activities. –