Facebook embedded posts go live

Facebook now allows everyone to embed public Facebook posts

EMBED YOUR POSTS. Facebook now allows embedded posting of content on blogs or websites. In this screenshot, the embed code for a post shows up when you click on 'embed post' in the dropdown menu.

MANILA, Philippines – According to a new announcement on its developers page, Facebook is rolling out the ability to embed Facebook posts to everyone.

Facebook embedded posts allow users to add any public post from Facebook to a blog or website.

To get the embed code for a post, go to any public post on Facebook, such as a post from the Rappler.com Facebook Page, bring up the drop-down menu on the upper right side of a post, and then look for the embed post option.

While embedded posting on Facebook has been available since July, today marks its shift from a beta tag to live use for all Facebook users.

Facebook has improved the service since its beta testing phase, adding in-line video playback, an enhanced mobile experience, and the previously mentioned ability to easily access the embed code of a post. – Rappler.com