New Apple event set for September 10

Victor Barreiro Jr.
Apple has an event slated for September 10. What's in store for the world?

NEW IPHONES? Will a new iPhone or the launch window of iOS 7 be revealed on September 10? Screen shot from CNBC Social Team Twitter account.

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Apple recently sent out invites for an upcoming September 10 event. While no details have formally been given out regarding what will happen during the event, it would seem some are pinning their hopes on the introduction of at least one new iPhone model.

The Next Web also reported that Chinese media outlets were receiving invitations for a separate event at the World Trade Center in Beijing on September 11 at 10 am local time. 

The CNBC Social Team Twitter revealed the US-based invitation on its account, saying that it was sent to John Fortt, CNBC’s technology correspondent.

Currently, there are at least two possibilities for potential reveals. The first, most logical reveal would be the advent of an entirely new upgrade to the iPhone 5, which would be called the iPhone 5S.

The Next Web also points to the possibility of a low-end iPhone being released, called the iPhone 5C.

One additional possible revelation at the event would be the launch window for iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s mobile platform.

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This invitation comes hours after a major announcement from Microsoft and Nokia, where Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone unit, in addition to netting a 10-year, non-exclusive license to Nokia’s patents.

For Apple fans in the Philippines, the event will begin at 1am on September 11. –

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