Netizens on PNoy’s DAP speech: Defensive or necessary?

Ryan Macasero
Opposition lawmakers were not the only ones questioning the timing of the President's speech

MANILA, Philippines – What prompted the President on Wednesday, October 30, to address the nation on the months-long pork barrel scam and his administration’s controversial spending program? (READ: Ahead of SC hearing, Aquino defends DAP)

He said the issue of the misuse of lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) had been muddled. Critics and the public were now supposedly ganging up on him by questioning his own Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

“I have pursued truth and justice, and have been dismantling that breed the abuse and power – and yet I am the one being called the “Pork Barrel King?” President Aquino said during his speech.

The constitutionality of both the PDAF and the DAP are being questioned before the Supreme Court. The tribunal has ordered the remaining PDAF for 2013 withheld, but not the DAP.

Emotions and reactions spread through the social networks right after Aquino’s speech.  

Opposition lawmakers weren’t the only ones questioning the timing of the President’s speechMany netizens felt the President was being overly defensive, while others thought he did the right thing by standing up for himself.

See more online reactions below:

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