LG Lifeband Touch leaks ahead of CES 2014

Leaked images from @evleaks show the LG Lifeband Touch. Will the Korean company announce this fitness tracker at CES 2014?

LG LIFEBAND TOUCH. Could this be LG's new fitness tracker? Photo from @evleaks on Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – 2014 will be all about wearables – computing devices that as the name suggests, are worn as an accessory (i.e. watches, bracelets, glasses). 

2013 saw wearables from companies like Google, Samsung, Sony, Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone and Kickstarter project Pebble. But as early as CES 2014, expect other major players to join the bandwagon including South Korea-based LG.

Last week, LG reps told tech blog Engadget the company is working on a “wearable product.” While wearable is vague, among the more likely suspects are a smart watch and/or a fitness band. We expect to see both this year – a fitness band in time for CES 2014 happening in Vegas from January 7-10 and a smartwatch alongside the launch of its upcoming flagship smartphone the LG G3 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. 

This week, Twitter account @evleaks tweeted a photo of a yet-to-be-announced fitness band called the LG Lifeband Touch. 

The device looks like existing fitness bands in the market today. The name suggests it has a touch surface like Google Glass that you’d use to navigate through the device’s UI. 

ACTIVITY TRACKER: At CES 2013 LG announced but never released a Nike Fuelband clone that paired with your smartphone and tracked physical activity. Screengrab from LG Canada


The leak isn’t far off. Last year at CES 2013 LG showed off a fitness activity tracker that closely resembles the Nike Fuelband. The device pairs with LG smartphones and smart TVs and can track athletic activities. That device never saw the light of day. – Rappler.com

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