Google unveils first video taken with Project Glass
The cool Google glasses won't be available this year

MANILA, Philippines – Imagine what you can see while jumping and flipping on a trampoline, even doing a backflip while wearing Google glasses.

Google shows exactly what it would look like by showing off its first video taken with Project Glass, its sci-fi eyewear, Mashable reported.

Google launched its Project Glass goggles on Google+ in April, sending waves of excitement over this new product. The futuristic glasses are supposed to augment reality images into the wearers’ field of vision, Mashable said.

Besides taking video and photos, Project Glass can also do other tasks performed by a smartphone. For instance, while wearing the glasses, one can see weather forecasts and what’s on one’s calendar for the day. Text messages and emails could also be sent using Project Glass.

Mashable reported that the Google glasses will not be available in the market this year. –

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