Catriona Gray reminds voters: Educate yourselves


MANILA, Philippines – It's a meme that you've most likely encountered at least once on social media. It's about how we Filipinos, the pageant-crazy bunch that we are, are better at picking bets to international pageants than our country's elected officials. 

Other variations include those that poke fun over how we sometimes expect more from beauty queens than elected officials – a phenomenon Miss Universe Catriona 2018 Catriona Gray, the fourth to win the crown, knows all too well. (READ: ‘Problematic, romanticized:' Netizens hit Catriona Gray’s winning answer)

But it's a reality Catriona seems to be taking in stride. When asked about it by TV5's MJ Marfori in an interview on Wednesday, February 20, the 25-year-old beauty queen shifted the focus on how Filipinos can be better voters. 

"As Filipinos, we need to remember that we have the power to vote of who we choose," she said.

"With that power being in our hands, we should educate ourselves of who is running, see if our values align or if our visions align and cast your vote in a very aware way and not just cast your vote without really understanding of what the person represents or what their platforms represent for the country," she added. 

The official campaign period for senatorial candidates and party-lists for the midterm elections began last February 12. The 2019 elections will also see Filipinos elect district representatives and local government officials. (READ: #PHVote 2019)

Catriona is set to have a motorcade on Thursday, February 21. –