6 fun facts: Bb Pilipinas Globe 2017 Nelda Ibe

MANILA, Philippines – Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2017 Nelda Ibe has been the talk of the pageant circuit. Although often described as one of the quiet ones among this year's batch of queens, Nelda is an approachable and hardworking queen.

With the Miss Globe pageant scheduled in Albania on November 3, Nelda hopes to duplicate the success of Ann Colis, who won the title in 2015. Let's get to know more about the beauty queen pilot with these fun facts.

1. On being a licensed pilot. During her send-off party hosted by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Nelda was asked if her chosen profession has given her the extra confidence to be a pageant contestant.

Do everything with your heart and soul. Don’t mindlessly go through life half-heartedly seeing everything as glass half empty, make that glass full.Trust me, you will reap the benefits of making effort in everything you do. #PilotBeautyQueen #Femalepilot #Pilotlife #IBElieve #NeldaIbe A post shared by Nelda Ibe | Pilot Queen (@neldaibe) on Jun 24, 2017 at 5:43pm PDT

"Yes, I can see it as an edge for my Miss Globe International competition, but that's not what Miss Globe is all about. It's all about sharing who you are – everything – like you have to share everything. Being a Filipina [pilot] is one of my advantages."

2. She was Miss World Philippines 2014 2nd Princess. Before she became Bb Pilipinas Globe 2017, Nelda was second princess in the Miss World 2014 pageant, where Valerie Weigmann won the crown. She was also in the same batch with Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters, who was named 4th princess.

Can't help but reminisce My Miss World Philippines 2014 Journey! Here's my Coronation night final look. Ladies, Tonight is the night! KEEP CALM AND WIN THE CROWN Love, Miss World Philippines 2014 - 2nd Princess #MWP2017 #MissWorldPhilippines #femalepilot #pilotlife #aviation #aviationlifestyle #pilot #philippines #missglobe #pilotbeautyqueen #neldaibe #IBElieve A post shared by Nelda Ibe | Pilot Queen (@neldaibe) on Sep 2, 2017 at 6:21pm PDT

In an interview with Rappler after the send-off, Nelda talked about all the changes she's gone  through because of the Miss World Philippines experience. 

"Things around me have changed. My style, the way I speak, the way I approach people. We're not the normal people no because we're holding a title. Basically, we have to take care off our images as good as we can."

3. She is one of the hosts of Wowowin. Early this year, Nelda was given the opportunity to be one of the guest co-hosts of Willie Revillame in his show Wowowin

Be candid with everyone. A not so throwback to my hosting stint in the afternoon variety show, Wowowin. Have a blessed Sunday!  styling: @hadukenbatino A post shared by Nelda Ibe | Pilot Queen (@neldaibe) on Sep 23, 2017 at 4:56pm PDT


"That hosting [job] helped me a lot. Kasi (Because) you know, you get to know different people, experience different characters in daily life, it's a daily show. That's what's interesting about hosting a daily TV show. So nagbigay siya ng confidence sa akin na alam mo iyon, makitungo ng maayos, kamustahin yung mga tao na anong nangyayari sa mundo, kung ano experience nila. ( It gave me a lot of confidence to know how to interact prorperly with people, find out how they are, what's happening with them, what their experiences are.)" she said.

4. She isn't very active on social media. Like the rest of the queens, Nelda posts photos and shares her thoughts, but not all the time. 

As for trolls, Nelda said that she simply ignores those who bash her online. "I really don't use social media. Yes, I post, but I don't read comments like, in a pageant page. If I [hear] anything bad about me or comments about me, I don't care. I know who I am, I know what I have been doing, and I know that I am a good person. Yeah, people can say what they want, but at the end of the day, it's you and God who will respect you and believe you."

5. She's was an English major. According to her bio on the Bb Pilipinas website, Nelda graduated with a BA degree in English from Tarlac University. Brains and beauty indeed.

6. She's really excited about to traveling in Albania. Nelda said that it's her first time in Europe and she's very excited to travel. She said that she's looking forward to getting to know the Albanian culture, the people, and taste their food.

Nelda gives a thank you speech during the send-off. Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

Nelda gives a thank you speech during the send-off.

Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

"When you compete with different countries, different women, with different races, [It's very exciting], so I [am looking] forward to [getting] to know more about them." – Rappler.com


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